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Raising children successfully with a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, financial management skill, and time management kill from 5 years old

About Super Family

The key is

The app Super Family will gamify your kid’s daily tasks to train them “working & playing to earn” and use ChatGPT AI, Gooogle, e-Wallet. 

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Rewards when your kids complete their Missions in the app

Food for virtual pet in app
Online time
Custom rewards from parent
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With consultancy from professional educators

This is where education meet technology. The latest AI GPT-4 integrated to help you and your kids understand each other, play and learn together.

Parents get your kid's thought and emotion
Kids to learn self-discipline
Kids to learn time management skill
Kids to learn finance management skill
Kids to learn homework skills
Kids to get responsibility
Family members get closer
What included in the app

Special features
that Grow your kids

With the Super Family app, you will have many mini-app and mini-games inside. The mini-games and app keep adding more as feedback from parents all over the world.

Online time control

Parental control now goes to the next level: parents would know what YouTube video or what website your kids visit as well as the time they spend for each content. You can set time a day, a week. Kids must work by playing "Mission games" to earn more internet time.

Gamification with rewards

The whole app is an Edutainment system which connects mini-games with mini-app via rewards to educate your kids about discipline, self-control, time management, finance management skills, good habits like reading books. The first games come with app when release including House cleaning, Dish washing, Bookworm warriors, Clothes arragement, Virtual Pet care.

Family calendar

This is where you and your kids can add family events, photos and videos of union moments. Your kids should learn time management skill with this smart calendar.

Smart Wallet

When you choose money as reward for a Mission, it would be transferred into integrated e-Wallet in the app after your child completes that mission. This Smart Wallet is to train your kids how to use money effectively. Default wallet has 3 sections: Saving (30% of total amount), Frequent expense (50%) and Sudden expense (20%). You can change this ratio as well as add more section such as Investment.


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It's up to you, you can limit the time your kids could spend on mobile phone, the app Super Family, web browser and YouTube. No harmful content can reach your kids. 

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