The app development roadmap & feedbacks

How we are deveping the app and your ideas for the new useful features

July 24th 2023
First design and survey
Design version 1

Version 1 got many positive feedbacks about features, however, the interface received negative feedbacks, espscially from children who would be the main users.

August 31st 2023
Design version 2

After market survey, Super Family team decided to remove version 1 and re-design version 2 with more impressive and stronger color. We also create 4 themes: 2 for boys and 2 for girls with different age range.

November 17th 2023
Prototype version
Prototype version release

Prototype version is an UI / UX with flow and click-able on the buttons so that users can interact with the app.

March 30th 2024
Version 1.0
Release version 1

The first version includes the following features

  • Family communication via Message integrated ChatGPT, Google search.
  • Mini-games: Bookworm warriors, House cleaning, Dish washing and Virtual pet
May 22nd 2024
Version 1.5
The next version

This version includes the following additional features

  • Diary writing with AI to understand your kids and alert to parents
  • Family calendar where your kids can control time better and family event is noted.
July 28th 2024
Version 2
The version 2.0

In version 2, we add more features including

  • Diary writing with AI to understand your kids and alert to parents
  • Family calendar where your kids can control time better and family event is noted.

For more information about the development roadmap, please have a look and leave your comment at this board. The mini edutainment games will be added more continuously by both HTECOM and 3rd parties.

What included in the app

Special features
that Grow your kids

With the Super Family app, you will have many mini-app and mini-games inside. The mini-games and app keep adding more as feedback from parents all over the world.

Total parental control

Parental control now goes to the next level: parents would know what YouTube video or what website your kids visit. You can set time a day, a week. Kids must work by playing "games" to earn more internet time.

Gamification with rewards

The whole app is an Edutainment system which connects mini-games with mini-app via rewards to educate your kids about discipline, self-control, time management, finance management skills, good habits like reading books. The first games come with app when release including House cleaning, Dish washing, Bookworm warriors, Clothes arragement, Virtual Pet care.

Family Communication with AI

Chat tool ingrated in the app allow kid to chat with mom, dad, grandparent ỏ all together in a group chat. You and your kid can use ChatGPT together just by typing /chatgpt "the question that you traing your kid here" then get response from smartest AI so far. The app also suggest your reply to your kid problems.

Family calendar

This is where you and your kids can add family events, photos and videos of union moments. Your kids should learn time management skill with this smart calendar.


When you choose money as reward for a game, it would be transferred into e-Wallet to train your kids how to use money effectively. Default wallet has 3 sections: Saving (30% of total amount), Frequent expense (50%) and Sudden expense (20%). You can change this ratio as well as add more section such as Investment.

Smart Diary

Smart Diary encourages your kids to write down their thoughts, then you would know about your kids' feelings and emotions. The diary is private but our AI would warn you, the parents, if diary content is negative and lasting, so you could have action at the right time to prevent stress and depression of your kids.

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Try Our App UI and UX

The app has not released yet, however not you can try with Figma interface to see UI and UX by clicking on the buttons below.


Our potential user feedbacks

We conducted 2 surveys from the first design: online and direct in an event at Kidzoona – the famous kid playground in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here are the feedbacks and comments from kids and parents.

Ngoc Anh
Ngoc Anh

A mom with 10 years old kid

The interface is easy to use. In messaging app you should have Call feature so users dont have to switch to other app to call. In addition, you should set custom reward for parents to choose.

Phuong Linh
Phuong Linh

HEU University

So intelligent and optimized, the connection between parents and children becoming easier with this app. Because the difference between 2 generations so the communication in my family has been broken.


A mom with 8 years old kid

The housework tasks for kids is not something strange, however this app would help make it more convenient. The idea is really good. I shall use it to see if it is effective.

Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh
Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh

Housework Mother

This kind of app is useful and safe for children. I will not worry when giving phone to my son anymore.


Frequently Asked Question

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Although we are trying our best to launch the product as planned, there's still many risks we have to face that may cause late delivery such as bugs, difficult cases in algorithm, health problem of developers, Android and iOS policy...

If we deliver late that timeline above, you will have 2 options:

  1. Request a refund
  2. Wait for us and receive 1% interest per month for the time we are late.

Yes we have roadmap to support other languages besides English in the future.

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