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We are an EdTech team with 15 years of experience.

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"Because I did not want to yell at my girls"

Starting from my family, my wife and I usually argue about educating our kids. She had to yell at our kids frequently to make them listen. The girls then scared of their mom and could not tell their true feelings and became more silent. 

I couldn’t spend much time with our girls due to work. So, I thought and had to find a way for the problem with my family, also many of your families I supposed.

Hiep Tran

Project Manager

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A frequent grievance I encounter from parents nowadays is the sense that their children are not paying attention.

You might concur that the tempo of life has accelerated considerably since your own childhood.

Over the last several years, the volume of data and stimuli accessible to a typical child has surged dramatically.

Due to the proliferation of media and the internet, children are often surrounded by brief and low-quality content. This unrelenting flood of information can result in mental saturation, diminished focus, and challenges in discerning what matters from what doesn’t.

A more concerning issue is the widening gap between parents and their children.

While you’re consumed by responsibilities like work, finances, and other relationships, your children are engrossed in video games, the internet, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

The risk is that you might not even be aware when your child falls victim to cyberbullying. The limited time you have to engage in meaningful conversations means you may not realize they are struggling emotionally until it reaches a point of self-harm or depression.

Of course, your ultimate aim is for your children to develop healthy habits and remain under your guidance and supervision. You wish to be in tune with their emotional lives and be alert to any issues they may be encountering. While you want them to benefit from the advantages of technology, you also aim to shield them from its harmful aspects, whether it’s Tiktok, YouTube, or social media.

Why Super Family app

All above problems solved by this app and You

Super Family is very strong tool to support you on kids education and family communication, however the key is you to use it the right way.

We put all of our energy and pour our hearts into the app. “What started from hearts would reach others’ hearts”.

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Meet Our Professional Team

We are HTECOM Inc., US business unit of HTECOM technlogy, Hanoi, Vietnam. Most of us born in 198x until 1996.

Hiep Tran

CEO, Project Manager

Tu Bui Thanh


Diem Tran Truc


Bui Tuan Anh


Viet Anh Le

Business Analyst

Nguyen Tuan Tai


Thuy Vinh

Chief Financial Accountant

Thuy Tien


Pham Thi Lien

Education Analyst


Frequently Asked

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Super Family is a product of HTECOM Inc., a company in New Castle, Delaware, United States. The development team is based in Vietnam by HTECOM technology JSC.


Our potential user feedbacks

We conducted 2 surveys from the first design: online and direct in an event at Kidzoona – the famous kid playground in Hanoi, Vietnam. Here are the feedbacks and comments from kids and parents.

Ngoc Anh
Ngoc Anh

A mom with 10 years old kid

The interface is easy to use. In messaging app you should have Call feature so users dont have to switch to other app to call. In addition, you should set custom reward for parents to choose.

Phuong Linh
Phuong Linh

HEU University

So intelligent and optimized, the connection between parents and children becoming easier with this app. Because the difference between 2 generations so the communication in my family has been broken.


A mom with 8 years old kid

The housework tasks for kids is not something strange, however this app would help make it more convenient. The idea is really good. I shall use it to see if it is effective.

Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh
Nguyen Tran Phuong Linh

Housework Mother

This kind of app is useful and safe for children. I will not worry when giving phone to my son anymore.


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